2X Matched

We used to learn the 3 Rs; Reading, wRiting & aRithmetic.

Now we offer Extra-Curricular Activities; Achos Temimim, Big & Little Sisters, Chidon, Daven-like-a-Chosid Club, Farbrengens, Gemara-opoly, Hachayil, Hey Teves Book Fair, Rosh Chodesh Missions, Talent Show, Tehillim Club, Torah Parcheezi, Tzivos Hashem, and the list goes on.

Add to that our Student Support Services; Private School Service Plan, Reading Coach, Remediation, Resource Room Coordinator, Title Services, Frum guidance counsellors (for boys & girls) and outside vendors (for in-school services) providing Speech, Language, Occupational and Physical Therapies.

Today… LHA is Florida’s premiere Jewish school in both areas. Our children deserve more, so we reinvented the 3 Rs: New Resources, cReativity & Relevancy

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